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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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from the ashes... ...he rises. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and ford. we go further, so you can. captioned by media access group at wgbh >> announcer: now on fox 35 news. >> the presidential hopefuls bring their campaigns to florida. >> what a supertuesday! >> tonight, live reports from across the sunshine state. >> right here in florida, we are going on to send a message loud and clear. >> and the political power panel is here helping us break down the results of supertuesday. and a child rescued from a canal in orange county. investigators tell us what happened. a florida principal and teacher duct taped to the wall. the story behind the picture that's gone viral on social
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>> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 10:00. >> already we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. >> i am so delighted to be here with you in florida. >> and the two big winners from supertuesday are celebrating their wins tonight. welcome to our supertuesday coverage on fox 35. people in 13 states casting votes in primaries and caucuses. donald trump and hillary clinton of course winning the most states tonight so far we've got complete coverage. >> we do. first though the dust hasn't even set old supertuesday already the candidates are focusing on the sunshine state. donald trump in palm beach tonight and hillary clinton and marco rubio both in me. plorl's primary of course is march 15th. now trump has won alabama, georgia, virginia, massachusetts, and tennessee. hillary clinton taking alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas and virginia. >> ted cruz won his home state of texas and he also
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vermont senator bernie sanders winning his home state ofer haver are and oklahoma as well. here are the states we are still waiting on. still racing for the race results to come out of colorado, minnesota, alaska caucuses and a g.o.p. winner still needs to be declared in arc park and in vermont. donald trump still speaking at a news conference in palm beach. >> mike simon is there live we'll check with him later. first a sample of what so far trump has had to say. >> i just tell you this we are going to be a much finer party, a much we're going to be a unified party to be honest with you, we are going to be a much bigger party and you can see that hampg we're going to be a much bigger party. our party is responding and all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where i've won and just look we've gone from x number to a much larger number. that hasn't happened to the
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so i think we're going to be more inclusive, i think we're going to be more unified and i think they're going to be a much bigger party and i think we're going to win in november. >> we want to go live right now to the rubio rally in miami where dana jay is with the latest updates. there dana? >> reporter: well, hi, sunny. marco rubio wrapping up just about half an hour or so ago a very energetic rally. if you didn't know he was about to go 0-11 this evening in contests on supertuesday you probably wouldn't immediately pick that up from the speech that he just delivered. it was very forward looking he really talks about restoring the american dream. he did, of course, attack attack donald trump right off the bat continue that line that he has been delivering over the past five days or so. calling trump a con man but really gone were those attacks on trump's personally about his hands b his spray tan, etc. marco rubio delivering an
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really thinks could carry him through into florida this next round of the primary contest. >> the pundits say we're underdogs i'll accept that, we've all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs this is a country of underdogs. but we will win and when we do, and when we do we will do what needs to be done and our children will be the freest and most prosperous americans that have ever lived and the american dream will change more lives than ever before and we are going to leave for our children what americans always leave their children, the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind. so energetically talking about moving this country forward and he is going to
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forward. he knows that this is the kickoff rally for florida. that's what the rubio campaign called this event tonight. they have a lot of work to do in the next couple weeks before the florida primary. live here in miami, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> of course, now we do want to get some analysis on the democratic races. >> let's go to keith landry who's in the election center tonight monitoring what's happening there. keith? >> sonny and bob, it gives you an idea of where we are. donald trump with 221 be, mike if you when in here ted cruz, marco rubio 41 that's why rubio could be proclaim the largest loser of tonight. he hasn't won a primary yet. on the democratic side, let's talk about hillary clinton. she did really well today strong showing in the supertuesday states. did very well with older voters, women and african-americans. exit polls in virginia and georgia have her winning 80% of the african-american vote. she spoke to her supporters
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south florida and she's already starting to hone in on donald trump. let's listen in. >> and we know we've got work to do but, that work, that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. >> we have to make america whole. >> a little of a jab at donald trump there. bernie sanders comfortably carrying his home state of vermont and within the last hour being declared the winner in oklahoma. he says hey, there's 35 states still the vote here and i'm ready to take my message across america. let's listen to him. >> at the end of tonight 15 states will have voted 35 states remain. and let me assure you that
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fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. >> reporter: all right mrs. clin has a comfortable count in the delegate board with almost 2400 needed. and at the 10:30 we'll update these delegate counts for you. that's the latest on democratic side. supertuesday still a lot of results to come in. keep it here with fox 35. >> keith. >> we appreciate it so much. still ahead as keith mentioned the political power panel we have them here talking about tonight's big winners and the losers. we're going to take a look at the delegate count again. we'll have updates coming out of all of the campaigns. meantime more local news to tell you about right now. developing tonight out of palm bay the florida department of law enforcement continues to investigate an officer-involve shooting earlier today palm bay police officer shot and killed a man who came out of his home carrying a gun and making threats.
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suspect was armed with semiautomatic handgun that was loaded and had an extra magazine in his front pocket. officials are not releasing the suspect's name until his family has been contacted. a virginia police officer shot and killed on her first day on duty was laid to rest today. hundreds of law enforcement officers lining the streets to say their final good-byes to officer ashley guindon. guindon was responding to a domestic violence call last saturday when she was shot and killed. investigators say that the suspect ronald hamilton faces multiple charges including capital murder. degree tonight from volusia county a father is locked up accused of shooting his own adult son at their home near delance. deputies say 58-year-old gary edmondson admitted to the shooting his son in the chest after an argument over the victim's mother. he is being held without bond at the volusia county jail charged with aggravated battery. the victim is in the hospital recovering from surgery.
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donations that just keep rolling in for the university of central florida's campus in downtown orlando. today the university's president accepting a $3 million pledge from dr. philip's charities. that's the largest private donation so far. it has students and city leaders excited. >> it's a closer campus and i feel like the energy down there. >> it's a campus that will serve as an anchor for our creative village and our continued efforts to revitalize paramore. it's a campus that will help us attract new creative knowledge-based companies and a talented workforce. >> now the community was donated $16 million to u.c.f. so far. u.c.f. will kick in another $20 million and the university will try to get another $20 million from the state. university leaders though present plans for the downtown campus tomorrow to the florida board of governors pending the brand new downtown campus will
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of 2018. no space x launch today at cape canaveral. they tweeted that the wind sheer was too intense. the fifth launch attempt will happen friday, no time has been set. space x will be bringing a european satellite into space. stay with fox 35 for the latest here. an 8-year-old boy is in critical condition tonight. >> after falling into a canal behind his orange county elementary school. we'll have the very latest on his condition coming up. and big changes could be coming to florida's alimony system. we'll tell you more about that right after the break. >> announcer: new tonight at 11:00 his historical year in space is coming to an end. we'll have live pictures
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for commander developing tonight an
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critical condition after falling into a canal right behind his school. investigators are measuring tape out checking things after the boy was rushed to the hospital to see exactly what might have gone wrong. tracy jacim with more on the story. >> reporter: it's a county canal fenced off and over the canal is a large pipe. that's about 20 feet long. we understand that the victim was some how on that pipe fell off the pipe into several feet of water. other children ran to get help. the fire department responded immediately. and with the child away to according to the sheriff office spokeswoman a group of children were walking home from riverside elementary school here in orlando today and for some reason took a route that passes this canal. it's not a usual route for them. the kids scaled the fence
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when he fell. we also know rescue crews found him on the embangment when they arrived and this -- embankment when they arrived and it this was 8-year-old son who pulled him from the water. that's very plausible but investigators are still gathering all the par tick lars. >> he's just very -- particulars. >> he has a big heart so this is probably something that he just seen he thought he can probably help out and he's like i said he was one of only the children that knew how to swim. so he said i just jumped flight and saved him. >> reporter: in orlando, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. also tonight a toddler is in the hospital after being hit by a car. the 29-year-old ashley wilson drove to a store on west grenada boulvard went inside leaving her 3-year-old in the car unattended. that's what police say the s.u.v. somehow shifted into reverse backing out of the parking lot and onto the street.
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in motion the child fell out and got hurt. the toddler was airlifted to halifax hospital for treatment. legislation designed to reform alimony in the state of florida passed the senate appropriations committee today. judges would have a new formula to use when deciding on alimony payments after divorce. the new formula considers president length of the marriage as well as the couple's gross income. the critics say some women would suffer. >> women who devote their entire lives to their husband's and their children are going to be left destitute when they turn 65 or whatever age it is at which their alimony ends under this system. >> the alimony bill now ready to be heard by the full senate. a similar measure is being debated in the house. we'll let you know what happens. and continuing coverage right now the supertuesday results a live look at ted cruz in texas tonight at a rally there at a place called the redneck country club in stafford. let's listen in.
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january 20th, 2017, will be president obama's last day in office. [cheering and applause] and on that day we will have a new president of the united states. cruz, cruz, cruz, cruz! >> tonight this campaign enters a new phase. we began with 17 republican candidates, through the first four states the race narrowed considerably. tonight was another decision point and the voters have.
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political power panel in studio. >> joined by political analyst martin mills and republican former republican congressman ric keller. rick i want to start with you. i heard donald trump earlier tonight say this was a very bad night for marco rubio. how bad of a night was it? hasn't won a single state even so far. is that enough for him to drop out of the race and throw support behind ted cruz? >> it was an awesome night for donald trump no question about that. rubio didn't have a great night no question. but good enough night to survive as one of the three tickets that gets punched to florida. he will still be around until we hit florida on march 15ing that will be the tell all day for him. >> we have a mic problem with you. go quickly over to mark. trump continues to be unstoppable of course not win -- does he have to soften up on his approach he's still hitting rubio so hard right now.
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trump's character anyway. it's not going to hatch i would like to go back to the rubio. i think rubio sets up an absolutely must-win situation. he is rubio for 16 so far. he has to win florida it's an absolute must-win where it's going to be ruby over for his campaign. he has to win florida and right now the polls are showing him a little behind but that's an absolute must win if he's going to continue on to any path. cruz's path tonight was through the south. was the southern primaries. cruz had to do as well as southern primaries like sherman marching through the south. cruz had to win convincingly in the southern primaries. he only won his home state of texas he didn't get 50. he only won oklahoma. it may not be enough for him to actually have a path to nomination. >> guys we're going to pause just briefly we have some microphones that are rubbing right here and rubbing may be racing but it ain't good for political coverage. we'll step aside for a
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glitch worked out. coming up on fox 35 news tonight at 10:00 a new battle against standardized testing. >> we'll hear from a woman who's leading the charge to help parents opt their children out. that high school fund-raiser goes viral after raising more than $16,000 on for sick children. but does restraining people with duct tape go too far? >> she's making a difference one one care package at a time. hear from a local teenagers who is taking her mind off of her own pain by helping others. good evening i'm kristen here with your i-forecast take you just south of downtown orlando. a piece of poll ownal drive will be closed from 10:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning. now this work will continue until this friday march 4th and it's going to be the east and westbound lanes from huey avenue to garland avenue. now one detour that you can take to get around this is orange avenue to amelia street then up paramore. remember you can actually check out traffic and
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back supertuesday coverage continuing right here on fox 35. >> gentlemen, ric let me ask you about the democratic side. we knew hillary was going to sweep through the south and she did. 80% in alabama.
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a move into i don't think he has she owns the south and minority vote i think it's pretty much over for bern. did he a good job i don't think he will drop out. but statistically i think it's over for him. >> how long does he stay in? >> i don't know how long. it ain't going to happen for him. >> i want to ask you this mark, we heard trump talk at length at his press conference about how the common sense conservative. you shake your eyes or shake your head. >> very optimistic now. he said in his speech this is all about optimism. he's now the optimistic candidate. >> is he cutting more moderate tone, finally? >> no, i think he's looking ahead. i think he's looking ahead to the general. he's trying to solidify his support, which is good if he's looking ahead to the general and trying to portray himself as an optimistic anti-hillary candidate it's good in the primary. because it it reminds that is he's the candidate to go
10:24 pm
if you heard him tonight he's mr. optimism he's not mr. negative until he takes shots at cruz and rubio which he did a lot of shots against rubio. >> and rubio opened a lot of shots of his own right off the top. >> ric, hillary is already focusing on donald trump and donald trump is already focusing on are we basically beyond the primaries at this point? those two are already moving into the gentlemen. >> i think we'll know who the president is going to be at least in terms of the nominees on the night of march 15th. florida matters a heck of a lot. this is the firewall for marco rubio. he's still in the game and cruz is still in the game until then. >> one very quick final question. who do you say drops out first rubio or cruz over the coming weeks? >> i don't think either one of them does. but i think rubio has a better path than cruz right now. >> okay. gentlemen, great to have you here. we'll have you throughout the evening and more power panels coming up here. stay with us supertuesday coverage continues.
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florida. >> no matter who you're voting for you can't vote against this weather, glen. >> it looks like in the world of weather pretty quiet. right now live radar is currently looking good we are rain free. 68 in melbourne. 57 in ocala serve on is running a little bit warmer than normal. also we're looking at temperatures currently running about two to as many as 11 degrees warmer right now compared to yesterday at this very same time. winds are right now are pretty much light to calm. response to an upcoming cold front. there's a cold front on the way it will show up as we get into the day for tomorrow. looks like late morning early afternoon. right now 64 degrees southeasterly wind right now at eight miles per hour. >> plenty of sun overall with these fronts and very
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all. 70 there's the cold fronted it's already working its way way through mobile, alabama. again in front will be weakening more and more it so looks like as we get into the day for tomorrow we'll just get a few clouds of this front and i'm not excepting any organized rain at all. 61 again for the low tonight. overall very, very comfortable for the day tomorrow. looking really good. plenty of sunshine again even with this front but the front will produce some breezy ier conditions with a high temperature of up 81 and 82. 79 on friday 78 look at your weekend mostly sunny skies there bob and sunny and highs remain in the mid-70s. >> look at my weekend. >> no matter what day. supertuesday coverage continues at 10:30.
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>> announcer: right now on fox 35 news. taking a live look right now at ted cruz post speech at this point obviously basking in the glow of whatever victory he has texas and oklahoma tonight. so he's enjoying that victory tonight at the redneck country club in stafford, texas. not too bad. we are continuing to follow the supertuesday races from all around the country. clinton winning alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas and virginia and trump takes alabama. check in now with mike. mike a very fiery press conference as always what's going on right now. trump certainly your huge winner tonight.
10:31 pm
in the glow of that victory here in west palm beach a little bit less bombastic than donald trump can be at times but he certainly did bask in the glory of the number of states saying he could win as many as nine of those 11 states. very was very complimentary of ted cruz but he did save some fire and turn that fire on to marco rubio who he called the biggest loser of the night. >> look i always liked marco when he decided to go hostile. he decided to become don rickles but don rickles has a lot more talents. and honestly i did. i always liked him but he became somebody told him you're losing very badly. the only way you can possibly win they called it a hail mary and go hogs style it's hurt him. in fact, one of the newscasts tonight said he
10:32 pm
really hurt him. but look i won't tell him what to do i won't tell anybody what do. he had a bad night. according to cnn, fox, they say the loser of the night was marco rubio. he hasn't won. so now the pressure is on marco rubio he will be at governor rick scott after that he would be here in order to endorse donald trump he did not so we'll stand by to see if he does that in the coming days. in west palm, mike signen fox 35 news -- snynan. as we just saw in his home state of texas. a quick look at those
10:33 pm
trump's 29. hillary clinton has won in every state now in most states clinton won by a huge margin. take a look at alabama with 78% of the vote. >> this campaign as i think all of you know this campaign is not just about electing the president it is about transforming america. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. oklahoma the race for the white house dennal of marathon it's not a sprint. >> it's all about the delegates on the republican 1,237 needed on the
10:34 pm
so where do we stand right now. let's check in with keith landry. hi, keith? >> reporter: hey sonni and bob this is from fox news. hillary clinton has 878 delegates with bernie sanders 330, about 2400 needed. right now fox news is actually updating the delegate count on the republican side. but donald trump has a clear majority of the delegates on the republican side. ted cruz with his victory tonight has the second highest number. marco rubio has the third highest. with rubio having no clear wins this is what's hurting him. fox news is updating these numbers. but hillary with the clear edge. teeth, thank you. we do want to check in now with our political power panel we have put extra folding table leaves.
10:35 pm
welcome you to guys. with all of the races joined now by our political analyst frank td consultant susan clary, carl jackson conservative commentator and of course former congressman ric keller great for you all to join us. >> susan it does all come down to delegates. how big of a hurdle is it to close a gap for those especially on the g.o.p. side where that margin is so huge? >> i mean, it's really going to be tough. they have to win most of the states from here on out on both sides bernie would need to win most of the states from here on out which is very unlikely and the same with the republican side. it becomes harder and harder as candidates gain momentum to make up those losses. >> carl, i want to ask you we just heard hillary clinton talking about the rhetoric on the other side. i don't know if it served him very well on
10:36 pm
type of campaign that can make it all the way through the general election or at some point will there will be a backlash. i there's there's a backlash. marco rubio has not performed as well as we thought he would tonight and it's showing. marco rubio needed to win nevada a couple weeks or so and he didn't. marco rubio will need to win in florida he's gaining no momentum tonight. the story is the news keeps trying to pump marco rubio up he tries to play trump you're not going to outtrump trump and i just think it was a bad and horrible move for him. it was nice, it was fun but it won't work for him. >> piggybacking off that point which is interesting he tried to beat trump and it didn't work. what does he do next from a political consultant's point of view how do you bounce back not only for rubio but for cruz. >> he has to put all of his
10:37 pm
very well here at home. ted cruz passed his hometown test today it will ted cruz you have to take the momentum and roll with it. come in here and poach voters and try to break into that double digit lead that the two most important states in this primary. >> we're just hearing that they're projecting that hillary clinton will be winning massachusetts. i want to ask you an off the wall question. >> you're a public servant have you held office. as a candidate the people who surround you how does that affect your campaign. chris christie right now is getting a lot of heat he has been bashing donald trump for months and months now standing behind him in west palm saying he's the next president of the united states. does that negativity bleed out onto the donald trump campaign? >> i suspect that chris christie wants to be the next attorney general of the united states. but at that level they're all going to have good people around them or at least have the option to have pretty good people around them.
10:38 pm
his team in place. i suspect cruz will, trump will as well as we head into florida. florida is all the money now. this is a state that marco has to win. great to have you here. ric, carl, susan, frank, appreciate it. >> our coverage will continue throughout this newscast. meantime other news we're covering the battle over
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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enough talk. give us a plan. the debate over student testing back in the spotlight. florida students are taking the florida standard assessments this week. >> many parents who believe those tests are just not fair actually keeping their kids home or telling them just not to take them. keith landry looks at the growing opt out movement. >> reporter: it's testing time all across florida this week orange county students in four through tenth grades are taking the florida statistics assessments or f.s.a. writing test. but some parents are set sending their kids to school with a note saying they will not take exam. lawmakers and state education leaders need to
10:42 pm
they put too much pressure on children has a high failure rate built into the exam. she gave an update on the group's efforts today. >> we have hundreds of successful opt outs here in orange county. burring students success is part of life. >> as a parent you want to know that your child is learning while they're in school. >> florida law does not. if our student in a public school in the state of florida that do you need to participate in these assessments. hamilton claims when students take part in sit down and open the test they are complying with the law.
10:43 pm
questions. there's no law that says answering questions is mandate. it will be late may in orange county. >> a unique fund-raiser brought in more than $16,000 for the children's miracle network. students they paid money in order to duct tape a principal and a teacher to the wall. now this sticky fun rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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al day year in space is coming to an end. >> a duct tape fund-raiser at gainesville high school has got people talking. students paid for the chance. here's david williams. gainesville police posted this photo to facebook today. it was at a dance last friday. >> i think this is a very positive thing that the students have decided to get so involved in helping others in the community, particularly sick children the caption reads quote gainesville high school resource officer hutchinson recently kept watch over principal shellnut and mr. condy after think were dukt taped to the wall to raise money.
10:47 pm
and raised $16,913. >> and, obviously, it was under the supervision of law enforcement plenty of adults around. so a very safe and controlled environment. i just thought it was like a fun little joke to do. in recent months at least one team in washington state got seriously hurt. one hit their head while trying to out of the tape. the district says no one has raised concerns about this fund-raiser involving duct tape. i asked if they were concerned by the event or photo. >> i think it's really cool to raise money for children's miracle network.
10:48 pm
since we posted the photo they were able to raise over 16,000 for a great causemented a local teenager is working hard to make children mile even if it's sometimes a little difficult for her to smile. 14-year-old dana suffers from six different illnesses and herself is often in and out of the hospital. but she's found time to put together care kits for other kids and families who also have to be hospitalized she does it through the dana dream foundation. they hope to help other kids and parents by giving out care brushes. >> it plays a big part on us arriving to the hospital and being told you have to stay you you have nothing you don't have a trooth brush, you don't have any soap you don't have any essential things for an overnight stay. >> we have given out 72 they
10:49 pm
in gainesville. they hope to find other sponsors so they can help even more people. glen. >> sonni looking good we do have mainly clear skies across the area. as we go through the next several days not expecting any big cold fronts moving in our direction. wants expecting to see any rain other than just a little bit of a cooldown. again our forecast looking good. 68 in melbourne, 63 in the villages. dew points right now mainly in the 50s. our forecast is n-looking quite nice. it looks like temperatures again across the area today. did warm back into the 70s and 80 . next storm to the north is staying up to the north it's not moving this way.
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will move towards us as we get into the latter part of the day for tomorrow will produce just a few clouds and maybe just a slight chance for a little shower. that's going to be about it. computer is trying to move along. 82 for tomorrow. and right now guys weekend looks good. lots of sunshine. and highs in the 70s. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target.
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10:54 pm
where are we going to be going. 61 downtown, 62 leesberg, 56 up towards gainesville again good, good shape there. temperatures for tonight not too bad for this time of the year. that's not too far up to what people up north would love to have. the forecast does look good as we go through the next seven days. nice and smooth they are bob and sunny still awesome weather. when we come back one angry elephant. >> she doesen mean the el-- she does not mean the elephants. as that elephant rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled
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10:58 pm
arizona, wyoming just getting named the best state for retirement. a new report giving the honor based on things like low cost of living a low crime rate, low taxes in case you're wondering new york was dead last on the list. that's business, i'm neil cavuto. some incredible video out of india tonight. >> an elephant caud on tape going on a rampage. -- caught on tape going on a rampage. >> this video coming out of southern india. that elephant on a rampage attacking as many as 27 cars. the elephant was initially tethered to something but managed to break free. thankfully nobody got hurt. coming up on fox 35 news tonight, a crime alert. >> daytona beach police have arrested a man who was
10:59 pm
>> already we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. >> all right, right now supertuesday in the race for the white house donald trump's big wins and some possible trouble for marco rubio. a crime alert tonight a suspected gunman behind bars accused of murder. we'll tell you what police say started this deadly confrontation. >> new at 11:00, history in space. the nasa astronaut now on his way home. >> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> supertuesday donald trump claiming the most states for the g.o.p. tonight and there are still a few more states to go. >> hillary clinton in the meantime taking most of the states on the democratic side. clinton trump, marco rubio all watching those results all right here in florida tonight. >> so far, donald trump has won alabama, georgia, virginia, massachusetts, tense tense and arkansas. ted cruz winning his home state of texas and also
11:00 pm
>> clinton won alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas, virginia and massachusetts. vermont senator bernie sanders won his home state of vermont as well as oklahoma. >> donald trump is celebrating his big wins right here in south florida. >> trump addressed supporters tonight from his campaign headquarters in palm beach. mike synan live. hi, mike? >> reporter: good evening. the very opulent resort here in florida. donald trump being here signifies this is the start of the campaign in florida just two weeks until election day here in florida. even though almost a million people really have already sent in an absentee ballot or voted early. donald trump today basking in the glory of victory. you heard him say he won five states it looks like it's going to be much more than that by the time the day does in fact end. donald trump was really sort of a little bit different today. he was not normally, he


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